Yalıkavak Marina Hotels are Waiting Their Guests with Sophisticated and Luxurious Boutique Services

May 8, 2020

Some European countries and Community of Independent States have requested for room prices and reservations for summer 2020.


World’s number one Luxury Super Yacht Marine Yalıkavak Marina, is beyond a sanctuary for the sea and luxury living enthusiasts, it draws attention with its luxury yachting, hotel, restautant, shopping services and its sophisticated lifestle during whole year.

Yalıkavak Marina is well known and admired by local and global jet-setters. Yalıkavak Marina Beach Hotel and Yalıkavak Marina Boutique Hotel are one of Bodrum’s luxurious boutique hotels which remains open yearlong and provides an unforgettable Bodrum experience with its bright blue sky, sophisticated atmosphere and the unique view.

Yalıkavak Marina hotels have become prominent with its private personal boutique hotel privileges, simple, isolated and compact services in itself. Yalıkavak Marina Beach Hotel and Yalıkavak Marina Boutique Hotel are located by the sea with its own white sandy beach, very green grasses in between palms, amazing sunset views and Y-Lounge&Restaurant ‘s special breakfast services by its own chef with comfort and peaceful ambience.

Yalıkavak Marina Beach Hotel and Yalıkavak Marina Boutique Hotel, continues to sparkle with its regular precautions and its exclusive decontamination vehicles. We  expedite effective personnel training to keep our customers and staff safe.

We were able to welcome guests and keep our hotels open since the beginning of the pandemic. Yalıkavak Marina Beach Hotel and Yalıkavak Marina Boutique Hotel General Manager Zafer Canbaz added that “We followed the guidelines of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding instructions. We switched to room services only and we closed down communal areas of the hotel. Our Yalıkavak Marina Beach Hotel is combines luxury and comfort with 15 large terraced single and double suites. Our Yalıkavak Marina Beach Hotel is at your service with 18 unique designed rooms for this summer.”

Mr. Canbaz, emphasize that this summer domestic tourism will override and over the last period, the steps towards normalizations especially in Europe will be taken. Canbaz said, “We hope that the airways will cancel their flight bans and return back to normal after the pandemic period. Then, I think the tourists will start to visit our country again. There are many requests for room prices and room reservations from eastern European countries. I think when the normalization begins the demands will increase.”

Zafer Canbaz specifies that even under the normal circumstances, concepts like open buffet will not be a part of daily operation. Canbaz, “We have the capability to provide all kinds of food-drink and breakfast as a room service or on the beach next to their sunbeds. In this new period, the most important thing will be housekeeping and room hygiene. After regular cleaning, every room will be decontaminated with our disinfecting machine. We quickly reorganized our routine for cleaning techniques. We started to disinfect everything that our customers touch, such as tv remote control, air conditioner remote control, electric power switch. We will start to keep the coffee cups, water glasses, forks-knifes and likewise accessories in hygiene bags. To provide better hygiene to our customers, after every check-out, professionals will deodorise and disinfect the room. On the beach, there will be a minimum 10 meters distance between every sunbed-umbrella. Especially in this period, we will continue to feel the benefit of being a part of Türkiye’s pride, Yalıkavak Marina. Also, our hotels nurse will visit the customers every day.”

Yalıkavak Marina Beach and Boutique Hotels which located at Yalıkavak Marina, recognized as the “World’s Best Superyacht Marina of 2018-2019” by the British Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) and the holder of TYHA’s 5 Gold Anchors rating, is Türkiye’s first high-capacity superyacht marina, keep on providing a private beach to our customers, 24/7 room service food and beverages services, a small number of premium rooms and every kind of shopping facility without needing any transportation vehicle and transportation.


Yalıkavak Marina Beach Hotel ve Yalıkavak Marina Boutique Hotel

Yalıkavak Marina, Çökertme Cd. No:6 D:6, Yalıkavak, Bodrum/Muğla

Phone: +90 252 385 44 84

Email: hotels@yalikavakmarina.com.tr

Website: https://yalikavakmarina.com.tr/tr/hotels/