Advertising on Yalıkavak Marina

Yalıkavak Marina, with up to 2 million visitors from 120 countries per year including people of Türkiye, super yachts owners and crews, and tourists, equipped with neat infrastructure and stunning facilities, hosts more than 100+ global and local premium brands and re staurants. Yalıkavak Marina is your easiest and fastest way to reach all target audiences via Yalıkavak Marina best outdoor advertising opportunities.

Yalıkavak Marina offers different advertising spots that will make your brand stand out. 10 Units Digital Board, 25 units LCD Play Network ( Digital boards and LED screens are double sided, so there are 74 digital screens in total.)5 Billboards 2 LED Displays. Aside from the above advertising opportunities, Yalkavak Marina rents exhibition stands for a minimum of one day and also has larger areas available for special events and BTL activities, such as the concert venue and the PIAZZA area.

Double-sided LED Displays

Quantity: 18, Size: 175 x 100 cm

Double/Single-sided LCD Displays

Quantity: 9 double, 1 single, Size: 175 x 100 cm


Quantity: 4, Size: 200 x 116 cm​

Single-sided LED Displays

Quantity: 3, Size: 175 x 100 cm​

Giant LED Displays

Quantity: 2, Size: 15 m2 & 12 m2


Quantity: 5, Size: 430 x 270 - 390 x 190 - 380 x 180 cm​

There are a total of 76 digital displays. Additionally, there are kiosk areas that can be rented for a duration of at least one week. Brands may also rent Concert Hall and Piazza Square for special events.
Technical Specifications
Solution for Digital Advertisement
Smart Brightness Control
Centralized Content Management
High Visibility -
WebOS 3.0
Smart Platform
LCD Display 75″

Screen: 75″ Class
Native Resolution: 3,840 × 2,160 (UHD)
Brightness: 3,000 cd/m² (Typ.), 2,400 cd/m² (Min.)
Screen resolution: 1080 x 1920px

LED Display 15 m2 – 12 m2

Pixel Pitch: 8.0 mm
Calibrated brightness: > 7.000nits
White color calibration: 3.500k – 8.500k
Brightness control: 256 level
Screen resolution: 768 x 576px

LED / Round Cube

Pixel Pitch: 3.9 mm
Calibrated brightness: > 5.500nits
White color calibration: 3.500k – 8.500k
Brightness control: 256 level
Screen resolution: 256 x 448px