Yalıkavak Marina Takes Precautions against Coronavirus COVID19

Yalıkavak Marina, the “Best Super Yacht Marina in the World in 2018-2019”, intensifies regular disinfection procedures and provides personnel trainings to protect marina guests and employees against the spread of Coronavirus COVID19.   

 Yalıkavak Marina keeps ensuring provision of professional level of services and flawless operations throughout the year 24/7 during all four seasons. There is significant attention given to the training of all employees at all levels, as well as the issues of health protection of marina guests and employees. In addition to regular daily disinfection and cleaning of all common areas in the marina, a thorough disinfection operation has been carried out by a professional government-certified team at the entire territory of the marina.

All public areas in Yalıkavak Marina are cleaned by special disinfectants on a regular basis every day 365 days a year. In addition to that, on 22 March 2020, Yalıkavak Marina conducted thorough disinfection against spread of COVID19 by a professional government-certified team using special human and environment friendly disinfectants. This disinfection procedure has been conducted in a manner not to harm people, animals and nature and provide safe environment for our guests and employees.

These cleaning and hygiene enforcement measures are taken at the side of the marina, dry dock, public areas, all stores, restaurants, cafes and office buildings. Yalıkavak Marina personnel is regularly briefed on the increased level of all hygiene protection measures, use of masks and gloves is now mandatory, doctors provide regular daily examination at the marina.

Yalıkavak Marina has installed special sanitizer dispenser points in public areas to support our guests personal hygiene protection measures.