Yalıkavak Marina won the “Superyacht Marina of the Year 2022” award!

The British Yacht Harbor Association (TYHA) General Manager Jonathan White visited Yalıkavak Marina and presented the “Superyacht Marina of the Year 2022” award to its owner.

Yalıkavak Marina has been named “Superyacht Marina of the Year 2022” after receiving the most votes from boat owners and sea enthusiasts in the “World’s Best Marina” competition organized by The British Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA), one of the most prestigious institutions in the world yachting industry.

TYHA General Manager Jonathan White and TYHA Türkiye Representative Murat Tuncer visited Yalıkavak Marina. At the award ceremony held during their visit, TYHA General Manager Jonathan White presented the “Superyacht Marina of the Year 2022” award to Yalıkavak Marina, Marina Director Deniz Akaltan.

Jonathan White, Managing Director of TYHA, expressed his happiness at being in Yalıkavak Marina: “There are two reasons for our visit: we’ve come here both to present the “Superyacht Marina of the Year 2022” award and to celebrate Yalıkavak Marina’s Gold Anchor Platinum rating. The “World’s Best Marina” competition has been held for ten years, and Yalıkavak Marina has returned from this challenging voting with honors for the last three years. The most important criteria in these elections are the marinas’ service and service quality, as well as the satisfaction of their visitors. I am honored to personally present Yalıkavak Marina with the award for “Superyacht Marina of the Year 2022.”

TYHA Türkiye Representative Murat Tuncer: “The marina sector is the beating heart of yachting and yacht tourism. It is one of the businesses that provide the largest investment and employment in the global maritime industry. We are truly happy to see our marinas improving the service and quality standards of the nautical tourist industry.

Yalıkavak Marina has become the first and only marina in Türkiye to receive the “5 Gold Anchor Platinum” rating by TYHA and was listed among the top 10 marinas in the world. This is a great source of pride for both our industry and our country. The fact that a Turkish marina was recognized worthy of the platinum anchor award and received an international honor such as “Marina of the Year” for the third time in four years, at an election attended by hundreds of marinas from across the world, is also extremely important in promoting our country internationally. On behalf of our industry, we would like to congratulate Yalıkavak Marina for all their efforts and hard work.”

Deniz Akaltan, Marina Director of Yalıkavak Marina, “Named “2020 Best International Marina”, “2018-2019 World’s Best Superyacht Marina” with 5 Gold Anchors rating from The British Yacht Harbor Association (TYHA), one of the most prestigious institutions in the worlds yachting industry, and the first marina in Türkiye to be given the “5 Gold Anchors Platinum” rating: we just received the “Superyacht Marina of the Year 2022” award to crown our global accomplishments. As Yalıkavak Marina, Türkiye’s first high-capacity superyacht marina, we are grateful to all our friends who have always assisted us in maintaining our number one position. We would also want to express our gratitude to the entire TYHA team who were kind enough to visit Yalıkavak Marina to hand over the award. Their presence honored us while also motivating us to work harder for our country. As Yalıkavak Marina, we are always proud to receive international honors in recognition of our goal to represent Türkiye. Türkiye and specifically Yalıkavak Marina, has emerged as the premier destination for luxury lifestyle enthusiasts and sea lovers. We will continue to represent Türkiye on international forums by introducing Yalıkavak Marina and the Bodrum Peninsula, also known as Türkiye’s Riviera.”

The Yacht Harbour Association is an international organization based in the UK with hundreds of members from all over the world. It defines the quality, safety, and service requirements for marinas and grades them based on how well they adhere to these criteria. Türkiye is also among the members of the organization.

A total of 364 marinas from various countries have received the gold anchor award within the scope of this association’s quality requirements and are eligible to vote in the annual “Marina of the Year Awards” competition. The voting, which is conducted on the TYHA website with the participation of visitors, sea lovers and industry professionals from all over the world: begins in January and runs through the end of August, with the winners announced in September.