Yalıkavak Marina Unveils an Unmatched Luxury Experience in Bodrum

A transformative luxury adventure is about to begin at Yalıkavak Marina with the grand opening of Yalıkavak Marina Hotel by Social Living CollectionTM on August 1st.

Bodrum, Türkiye – July 20, 2023 – Yalıkavak Marina is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its exquisite luxury retreat, poised to set a new standard in the hospitality landscape of Bodrum. Nestled at the heart of the prestigious Yalıkavak Marina, this remarkable hotel promises an unparalleled experience of opulence and sophistication, presenting an array of exciting partnerships with world-famous brands that elevate the guest experience.

The collaboration between Yalıkavak Marina and Sunset Hospitality Group brings to life the “Yalıkavak Marina Hotel by Social Living CollectionTM.” This visionary project adds a new dimension to Yalıkavak Marina, renowned for its awards and accolades, including being elected as the “The Best Superyacht Marina of 2022″, “2020-2021 Best International Marina” and “2018-2019 World’s Best Superyacht Marina.”

“Our partnership with Sunset Hospitality Group marks a global investment that elevates Yalıkavak Marina’s appeal as a world-class destination in yachting, accommodation, shopping, entertainment, and gastronomy,” said Kenan Khudaverdiyev, CEO of Yalıkavak Marina.

“With this venture, we are delighted to further develop our footprint in the Turkish market as we aim to make Bodrum, which offers a unique luxury lifestyle, even more recognized around the world,” added Antonio Gonzalez, CEO of Sunset Hospitality Group.

Yalıkavak Marina Hotel by Social Living CollectionTM: A Vision of Luxury

Yalıkavak Marina Hotel by Social Living CollectionTM boasts an exclusive array of world-class amenities thoughtfully designed to exceed the expectations of its esteemed guests. The hotel features a private infinity pool, exclusively reserved for hotel guests, offering an idyllic spot to soak up in the sun and embrace the breathtaking vistas of the marina and beyond.

For those seeking an elevated stay, the hotel’s accommodations include luxurious panoramic sea view rooms, where guests can wake up to the soothing sounds of the waves and the beauty of the Aegean Sea. The duplex suites, designed for ample space and comfort, provide an exceptional setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

At the pinnacle of opulence stands the Yalıkavak Suite, embodying elegance and sophistication like never before.

Partnerships that Elevate the Experience

Yalıkavak Marina Hotel by Social Living CollectionTM proudly announces strategic partnerships with world-famous brands to enhance the luxury experience offered for their guests.

 Begum Yachting – Registered Superyacht Agent & Yacht Charter Company

Begum Yachting, enriches the Yalıkavak Marina Hotel by Social Living CollectionTM experience, ensuring an unparalleled voyage at sea. As the official partner for yachting, Begum Yachting adds an extra touch of luxury to the services offered by the Yalıkavak Marina Hotel. With their expertise in yacht charters and personalized itineraries, guests can enjoy unforgettable experiences on the water, further enhancing their stay at Yalıkavak Marina Hotel. Begum Yachting’s commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with the high standards set by the Yalıkavak Marina Hotel, ensuring that guests receive nothing but the best in terms of service and satisfaction.

 Black Jet – Official Airlines

Black Jet, the official airline for Yalıkavak Marina Hotel by Social Living CollectionTM, offers special discounts for VIP clients, ensuring a seamless and exclusive travel experience. With their exceptional service and attention to detail, Black Jet adds an extra touch of luxury to every journey. Additionally, their commitment to safety and comfort aligns perfectly with Yalıkavak Marina Hotel’s dedication to providing the utmost in relaxation and rejuvenation for their guests.

 Loti – Official Transporter

Loti, the official transporter for Yalıkavak Marina Hotel by Social Living CollectionTM, provides exclusive transport services and offers a range of luxurious and reliable transportation options for guests of the hotel. From private chauffeur services to luxury car rentals, Loti ensures that guests can travel in style and comfort throughout their stay. With their professional drivers and impeccable fleet of vehicles, Loti guarantees a seamless and convenient travel experience from start to finish.

 Perfume & Beauty by Zielinski & Rozen

Zielinski & Rozen, the artisanal perfume house that dates back to 1905, enhances the hotel’s ambiance with scents and amenities, both in the rooms and aboard Begum Yachting’s designated yachts. Zielinski & Rozen fragrances and beauty products add an extra layer of sophistication to the hotel’s offerings, allowing guests to pamper themselves and feel truly special during their stay. This partnership reflects Yalıkavak Marina Hotel by Social Living CollectionTM‘s dedication to providing a comprehensive and elevated experience for its guests, ensuring that every aspect of their stay is absolutely perfect.

An Elevated Experience at Yalıkavak Marina Hotel by Social Living CollectionTM

The grand opening of Yalıkavak Marina Hotel by Social Living CollectionTM on August 1, 2023 marks a turning point in Bodrum’s luxury tourism scene. In the midst of the breathtaking Yalıkavak Marina, the guests are invited to embark on a journey of elegance and exquisite luxury while indulging in a transformative holiday experience.