Yalıkavak Marina is recognized as the “International Marina of the Year 2020”

October 1, 2020

Following the success of 2018-2019 as the ‘World’s Best Superyacht Marina’, Yalıkavak Marina now won the International Marina of the Year 2020 title, making Türkiye proud again!

Yalıkavak Marina won the prestigious ‘International Marina of the Year 2020’ title according to the results of the voting for the ‘World’s Best Superyacht Marina’ awards, organized by the British Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA), one of the world’s most prominent yachting institutions. Winning the most votes from boat owners and sea lovers, Yalıkavak Marina was named the ‘International Marina of the Year 2020’, making Türkiye proud again.

Yalıkavak Marina, Marina Director Deniz Akaltan said, following the “Super Yacht Marina of the Year of 2018-2019 ” award, which we won in the voting held by The British Yacht Harbor Association (TYHA), the most prestigious institution of the world yachting industry, we are both proud and honored to bring the “International Marina of the Year 2020” award to our country. As Yalıkavak Marina, the pride of Türkiye and the first high-capacity mega-yacht marina of our country, we thank all our dear friends who contributed to this important worldwide success.”

Commenting on the recent achievement of being voted as the “International Marina of the Year 2020“, Akaltan indicates that the primary factor in this success is their meticulously high standards in service quality. Akaltan informs, “As Yalikavak Marina, we are honored to represent Türkiye in the international arena and to serve this country with all our hearts. We are also extremely proud to contribute to the general success of Türkiye. We won the “World’s Best Super Yacht Marina“ title for three consecutive years and now we are voted as the “International Marina of the Year 2020“. We are proudly presenting our country with these prestigious awards that we won through the years. As Yalikavak Marina, our goal is to make Türkiye one of the best and most professional luxury resort destinations of the world and to keep working very hard to achieve this.

He also added ‘’Yalıkavak Marina is one of the few marinas that fulfills all the criteria at the highest level. This voting process showed that the high standards of our service quality and customer satisfaction are also approved and appreciated by our guests. Despite the extraordinary circumstances we went through this year, our loyal guests who visited our marina again have carried us to this prestigious award. Therefore, this award is very important and precious for us. Being appreciated for our investments and efforts by our guests is actually the world’s greatest award for us. We are determined to be worthy of the choice of our guests and to always offer the best.”

Always embracing the motto of “Here at Yalıkavak Marina, it’s all about you…”, Yalıkavak Marina ensures that its guests enjoy their passion for sea all year around. With a capacity to host 620 yachts at the same time, Yalıkavak Marina offers a dynamic and unique lifestyle for yacht owners. Welcoming yachts up to 140m LOA, Yalıkavak is the Mediterranean’s number one marina.