Yalıkavak Marina is bringing a unique accommodation experience to Bodrum this summer!

Yalıkavak Marina is joining forces with Sunset Hospitality Group to launch “Yalıkavak Marina Hotel” this summer, which will add value to Bodrum, Türkiye’s Riviera.

Yalıkavak Marina, representing Türkiye as the No. 1 destination in the luxury tourism world, announced that they will invest in a new hotel in partnership with Sunset Hospitality Group (SHG), one of the world’s leading tourism investment groups. The new Yalıkavak Marina Hotel will open this summer, adding a stunning hotel experience to Yalıkavak Marina’s impressive range of services.

Yalıkavak Marina Hotel will open in Yalıkavak Marina, which has been recognized with prestigious awards around the world, inviting guests to a spectacular experience with its mesmerizing beach and unique garden, and promising unforgettable moments in the glittering Yalıkavak, adorned by superyachts.

Yalıkavak Marina Hotel Bodrum will be part of the Social Living Collection, SHG’s exclusive collection of hotels and resorts offering exceptional experiences in different locations around the world. Yalıkavak Marina Hotel provides high-class lifestyle choices and unmatched services including comfortable facilities and professional services. The hotel will offer guests world-class service with a unique infinity pool and four duplex suites, as well as the exquisite Yalıkavak Suite, which will be the most luxurious suite in Bodrum.

Kenan Khudaverdiyev, CEO of Yalıkavak Marina, said: “We are excited to sign a global investment with Sunset Hospitality Group. By combining the luxurious, dynamic lifestyle and unique privileges of Yalıkavak Marina, the brand ambassador of Türkiye’s yachting industry, with SHG’s lifestyle hospitality expertise, we are rapidly moving towards our goal of becoming a world-class destination in hotel, shopping, entertainment, and gastronomy.

“Our new partnership with Yalıkavak Marina will further strengthen Sunset Hospitality Group in the Turkish tourism and hospitality market, following the great success of METT Bodrum,” said Antonio Gonzalez, CEO of Sunset Hospitality Group. “With this venture, we are delighted to further develop our footprint in the Turkish market as we aim to make Bodrum, which offers a unique luxury lifestyle, even more recognized around the world,” said Gonzalez, who added that they are open to other opportunities in Türkiye in the future.

“The Best Superyacht Marina of 2022 Yalıkavak Marina, which was also elected as the “2020-2021 Best International Marina” and “2018-2019 World’s Best Superyacht Marina”, operates under the Blue Flag and Clean Marina Certificate for its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, and is Türkiye’s first high-capacity superyacht marina ranked among the top 10 in the world with 5 Gold Anchors Platinum ratings. The opening of Yalıkavak Marina Hotel, the newest of SHG’s exciting new investments, in partnership with Yalıkavak Marina, is an important indicator of the confidence in Türkiye.