Special offers available for Turk Telekom Prime customers at the Yalıkavak Marina

Turk Telekom Prime, whose high-class services have won it much praise, has joined forces with Yalıkavak Marina, the life-style hub in the most paradisiacal part of Bodrum that was voted by the British Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) as the World’s Best Super Yacht Marina 2018-2019, to deliver customers a series of exclusive offers. Turk Telekom Prime members can look forward to enjoying a number of advantages at Yalıkavak Marina; from its gourmet restaurants to gyms, yachting berths, accommodation and more, and will be able to keep up to date with the latest offers available at the marina’s open-air cinema and PIAZZA concerts and events. Plus, Turk Telekom Prime members can also benefit from the exclusive services and free Wi-Fi available at the marina’s specially designed Turk Telekom Prime Lounge.

Turkey’s leading telecom provider, Turk Telekom, this summer offers a number of alluring advantages to its Prime customers, with exclusive offers and services on available at the Yalıkavak Marina in Turkey’s favourite holiday hot-spot.

This summer, Turk Telekom Prime customers passing through Bodrum can head to the Yalıkavak Marina, with its yacht-mooring capacity of 620, over 100 shopping boutiques, award-winning gourmet restaurants, prize-winning beach and boutique hotels, and a variety of event spaces, to enjoy a number of events at the PIAZZA stage, including live performances by Kaan Özgür and Onur Mete every Sunday and Emir Ersoy every Monday.

Visitors to have an unforgettable time at Yalıkavak Marina PIAZZA

Türk Telekom Prime, which offers customers a number of exclusive services, is now offering members the chance to enjoy a series of unforgettable music and dance events at Yalıkavak Marina PIAZZA. Prime members can find out more about every service and product offered by Turk Telekom at the Turk Telekom Prime Lounge, test a number of items at the Tivibu Playstore, and enjoy access to the Turk Telekom customer lounge area between 10.00-24.00. Turk Telekom Prime customers can find a number of free gifts waiting for them while chilling out in the lounge area. A special games area also awaits visitors to the Turk Telekom Prime Lounge.

Plus, Turk Telekom Prime members can expect a number of discounts thanks to this new partnership. Some of these include a 25% discount on Yalıkavak Marina’s valet services, 20% off at the Y-Lounge & Restaurant, Tango, and Piyasa restaurants, 20% off accommodation at the Yalıkavak Marina Beach Hotel, Yalıkavak Boutique Hotel, and the Hyatt Centric Levent Istanbul, 20% off at the  Casia Spa and gym, as well as special offers on mooring and docking.

Ayrıca ‘Türk Telekom Prime’lılar; gerçekleştirilen bu iş birliği ile birçok alandaki hizmetten indirimli faydalanacaklar. Bu kapsamda Prime’lılar; Yalıkavak Marina Vale hizmetinde yüzde 25, Y-Lounge & Restaurant, Tango ve Piyasa restoranlarında yüzde 20, Yalıkavak Marina Beach Otel ve Yalıkavak Butik Otel ve Hyatt Centric Levent İstanbul Otel’de yüzde 20, Casia Spa’da ve spor salonunda yüzde 20 indirime ek olarak yat bağlama, çekme ve atmada da çok özel fırsatlara sahip olacaklar.

Turk Telekom Prime Members Invited to the Yalıkavak Marina Open-Air Cinema

Turk Telekom Prime members can also look forward to more surprises at the Yalıkavak Marina’s cinema showcases. Prime members can enjoy open-air screenings at the Turk Telekom Lounge area, along with various bonus treats. The following movies can be seen at the Yalıkavak Marina’s Turk Telekom Prime Lounge every Wednesday at 21:00:

Wednesday 17 July– Organize İşler Sazan Sarmalı
Wednesday 24 July– Karlar Kraliçesi 4
Wednesday 31 July– Yol Arkadaşım 2
Wednesday 7 August– Küçük Ayak
Wednesday 14 August– Aquaman
Wednesday 21 August– Transformers
Wednesday 28 August– Avengers End Game