Bagatelle Bodrum opens in Yalıkavak Marina for the first time in Türkiye!

Bagatelle, the French festive restaurant and club in the world, brings the joy of living to Yalıkavak Marina in Bodrum with its restaurant and beach club concept!

The world-famous Bagatelle Restaurant and Beach Club, with its unique entertaining experience, is opening on the 8th of July its first restaurant in Bodrum, Yalıkavak Marina, the best super yacht marina in the world. It combines the Joie de vivre of France with the bohemian spirit of Bodrum to create an unrivaled French festive experience in Türkiye.

A New York-born French hospitality brand of sophisticated luxury restaurants and beach clubs, Bagatelle builds its core values up from celebrating the festive spirit, a lavish cuisine and the friendly atmosphere of Southern France. 

Guests will be able to make lunch reservations to the restaurant starting July 11th. The festive beach house will host St Tropez Days in Bodrum from the 12th of July to the 14th of July to start the celebration for the opening of the beach house where every day DJ’s will have the mission to introduce the epicurean lifestyle and show how to party like no other. 

Bagatelle Bodrum, located in Yalıkavak Marina, opened its doors as the first concept of Bagatelle Group in Türkiye. While Bagatelle Restaurants and Beach Clubs are known for their chicest destinations, the location Yalıkavak Marina is preparing for a unique summer with dazzling flavors and endless entertainment. This project from Yalıkavak Marina is the primary influence of the marina’s investment to the tourism sector. With a cheerful atmosphere, Bagatelle offers an extraordinary experience where you can collect authentic and unforgettable moments.

Bagatelle, the iconic festive restaurant, which spreads from New York to the world, creates a pleasant atmosphere for brunch, lunch and dinner. It invites its guests to a shared dining feast with their friends and families. Bagatelle is devoted to an epicurean philosophy in pursuit of life’s pleasures. It opened its doors to anyone who wants to taste this lifestyle and several unique experiences.

Bagatelle Bodrum’s exceptional menu, carefully prepared by Rocco Seminara who is the Corporate Executive Chef of Bagatelle from France and Executive Chef Hakan Öztaç from Türkiye, includes signature flavors such as a variety of caviars, crab, ribs, sharable delights and signature cocktails such as Cyclades Blues, Dionysos secret, a taste of heaven which introduce you to a variety of fresh foods and drinks that bring Bagatelle’s rich history to your plate with local sensibilities and tastes. 

Bagatelle offers lighthearted contemporary music featuring some of the most talented Dj’s in the world alluring everyone to dance and have a good time. 

Being fed by not only good food and drinks, Bagatelle Dj’s cater the right songs and bring guests form any age group to an unmatched state of joie de vivre with its festive spirit. 

Not only being surrounded by amazing food and music Bagatelle’s design speaks for itself. Sam Baron, designer and interior designer of Bagatelle, works compliment Bagatelle’s festive attitude to another dimension with the atmosphere created throughout the space. In 2010, Sam Baron was nominated by Philippe Starck as one of the most important designers of the decade. In 2019, he was selected as one of the 100 designers who put France on the global stage. Bagatelle becomes a space where one feels the eccentric energy exclusively created by Bagatelle and Sam Baron synergy.

Bagatelle Bodrum, the first French Festive Restaurant in Türkiye, with its new Restaurant and Beach Club in Yalıkavak Marina, invites its guests to an unforgettable experience, to feel the joy and spirit of life in Turkish waters, and to a one-of-a-kind entertainment. Bagatelle Bodrum 7 days a week, waiting for its guests between 11:00 am  -01.00 am hours.

About Bagatelle:

The establishment of the Bagatelle Group begins with two French entrepreneurs, Rémi Laba and Aymeric Clemente, who met in New York in the early 2000s and decided to open the first Bagatelle. Drawing on their own experience in the hospitality industry, they envisioned a place that celebrates the festive spirit, lavish cuisine and friendly atmosphere of Southern France. With its first restaurants being immensely successful, Bagatelle started to spread the French way of living at the most luxurious destinations. Worldwide, Bagatelle Group has restaurants/beach clubs in 15 destinations and will continue to grow with various new concepts over the coming years. The Bagatelle Group operates Paris-based St.Tropez brands Loulou and Piaf, as well as Raspoutine’s St with its global hospitality. It further operates branches in St. Tropez and Miami.


For more information:

For Reservations: 0537 057 42 42