“Avocado Queen by Novikov Yalıkavak Marina” has opened!

A unique gastronomic experience has started at Yalıkavak Marina with the Novikov Group, the most prominent figure in the restaurant world!

Avocado Queen by Novikov Yalıkavak Marina, which is a part of the Novikov Group founded by the world-famous Arkadiy Novikov, is waiting for its guests who want to experience new flavors!

While continuing to be the core of the world’s best restaurants and prestigious luxury brands, Yalıkavak Marina added Avocado Queen by Novikov Yalıkavak Marina, which grounds itself to the roots of the world-famous Novikov Group, to its organization in the 2020 season. Avocado Queen by Novikov Yalıkavak Marina is excitedly waiting for all its guests to bring those delicious, fresh, and healthy food who want to have gastronomic experiences.

For over 29 years, Novikov Group, which continues to be the leader in the sector by owning more than 90 remarkable projects, produces new projects with various concepts in its restaurants, and offers unique experiences to its guests. Novikov Group plans to execute Avocado Queen by Novikov restaurant as a global franchise and targets to open restaurants in the capitals of the world, and chose Yalıkavak Marina, “the Best Super Yacht Marina of the World”, for its first restaurant in Türkiye. With impressive geography, gastronomic tastes from talented chefs, contemporary design, impeccable service and soothing atmosphere, the group aims to make a difference and be the distinctive figure in the sector. The first Avocado Queen restaurant started serving in Moscow in 2018, then in Ibiza, and now in Yalıkavak Marina with its third restaurant. The restaurant, that has opened with the collaboration of two famous restaurants Arkadiy Novikov (Novikov Group) and Anton Pinskiy (Pinskiy & Co), promises its guests delicious and healthy meals, as well as a unique atmosphere with a quality service.

The Novikov Group states that they chose “The Best Super Yacht Marina of the World” award-winning Yalıkavak Marina for their first restaurant in Bodrum Türkiye since Yalıkavak Marina has become one of the prominent figures in its sector with its best luxury yacht marina, prestigious audience, location, unique invitations, shopping facilities, hotels and services with famous restaurants. The menu of the Bodrum branch was entrusted to Glen Ballis, an Australian resident of Russia who has been living in Russia for more than 15 years, known as the brand chief of the Avocado Queen chain. Novikov Bodrum is offering a memorable experience of Pan Asian cuisine to its guests by presenting the creatively ever-changing Far East seafood, fresh vegetables from Novikov’s garden and signature dishes of the brand. The extensive breakfast menu offers famous flavors such as the famous avocado toast, scrambled egg, homemade fresh cheeses, smoked salmon, avocado and boiled egg and waffles, and avocado baked with truffle. Fish and seafood are served fresh. Its kitchen is shaped with flavors from all over the world in a modern and a stylish sense centered with avocado. Completely new forms are offered from salty to sweet with avocado varieties and special dishes consisting of different combinations. Due to the roots of the world-famous Novikov Group that is highly affected by Asian and Italian cuisine, the menu extends from Italian tastes such as salads, truffle mushroom dishes to Asian dishes like first-class sushi. Gluten-free chips guacamole from Chef Glen Ballis; crunchy avocado with hummus and edamame beans; offers unforgettable tastes including big green salad, avocado roll shrimp, seaweed salad with spinach and sesame sauce. It offers great experiences to its guests who want to enjoy hot summer evenings with signature cocktails like Do Not Call Me Baby, Wild Garden, Zombie, Luxury Mojito.

Being located in the heart of Yalıkavak Marina, which the ambassador of Türkiye’s luxury life style and yacht tourism, the restaurant promises to take all necessary measures for disinfection to ensure the health and safety of all its guests and employees. By limiting the seating capacity to 190 people, it pays attention to social distance rules. The trained personnel are always wearing mask and protective glasses, while disinfectants are kept at the tables to comply with the hygiene rules. Avocado Queen by Novikov Yalıkavak Marina, a part of the world-famous Novikov Group that has achieved exceptional successes, is waiting for all its guests who are cautious about their health this summer, who can’t wait to experience exclusive flavors and who wants to enjoy every moment of the summer days.

To make a reservation at Avocado Queen by Novikov Yalıkavak Marina, you can contact with the restaurant by the phone number +90 252 385 2848.