A brand-new, world-famous taste experience at Yalıkavak Marina!

Novikov Group, the most prominent figure in the restaurant world, is opening its first Novikov restaurant in Türkiye Yalıkavak Marina!

Yalıkavak Marina, winner of the “Best Superyacht Marina of the World” award, continues to be the core of the world’s best restaurants and prestigious luxury brands in the season of 2020. Novikov Bodrum restaurant, which is prepared for this season by grounding itself on the roots of the Novikov Group that is founded by the world-famous Arkadiy Novikov, will deliver delicious, fresh and healthy foods to those who want to have mouthwatering gastronomic experiences.

For over 29 years, Novikov Group, which owns more than 90 remarkable projects, continues to be the leader in the sector. With impressive geography, gastronomic tastes from talented chefs, contemporary design, impeccable service and soothing atmosphere, the group aims to make a difference and be the distinctive figure in the sector. With its passion for constantly creating new projects and offering unique experiences, the dynamic company Novikov Group was founded in 1991 by the famous businessman and the first internationally successful restaurant operator Arkadiy Novikov, in Russia. After completing his education and working as a chef in prominent restaurants such as Hard Rock Café, Arkadiy Novikov opened his first restaurant in 1992, triggering a new era in the restaurant business in Russia. He was awarded with the “GQ Men of the Year” in 2004, the “Hospitality 2004 Award” and the “Golden Bridge Award” in 2009 for his rising and influential career with the restaurants he established. With its restaurants in many countries including Italy, England, USA, and Spain, The Novikov Group presents different concepts and offers unique experiences to its guests by constantly introducing new projects. Besides being located in the most significant locations such as Miami, Moscow, London, Ibiza, Island of Sardinia, and Doha, the “Novikov” restaurant is now opening for the first time in Türkiye Yalıkavak Marina.

The Novikov Group opened its first restaurant in Türkiye in Yalıkavak Marina as “Novikov Bodrum” since Yalıkavak Marina became a major service figure with its super luxury yacht marina, prestigious audience, remarkable location, unique events, exclusive shopping facilities, award-winning hotels, and well-known restaurants.

The common feature of the world-famous Novikov Restaurants is that you have the privilege to choose super fresh fish and shellfish that are carefully gathered from all over the world from the cupboard where they are displayed, and specify how you prefer them to be cooked in the open kitchen of the restaurant. Clifton Ian Muil, the Executive Chef of Novikov Restaurants, will be together with his guests this summer, for the special opening of Novikov Bodrum.

Providing employment opportunities for more than 60 local staff, Novikov Bodrum is getting ready to offer a memorable experience of Pan Asian cuisine to its guests by presenting the creatively ever-changing Far East seafood, fresh vegetables from Novikov’s garden and signature dishes of the brand. Fish and seafood will be served fresh with the menu that will be planned on a daily basis.

Novikov Bodrum, being located in the heart of Türkiye’s luxury life style and yacht brand ambassador Yalıkavak Marina, will take all necessary measures for disinfection to ensure the health and safety of all its guests and employees. Novikov Bodrum Restaurant, which is a part of the world-famous Novikov Group that has achieved exceptional successes, is waiting to meet with all its guests who are cautious about their health this summer, who can’t wait to experience exclusive flavors and who wants to enjoy every moment of the summer days.

To make a reservation at Novikov Bodrum, you can contact with the restaurant by the phone number +90 552 721 70 74 or you can get exclusive service The Marina Concierge by calling +90 535 660 1515.