Yalıkavak Marina® – Main Sponsor Of Most Fishing Tournament On 9-12 August

Yalıkavak Marina® is proud to be a main sponsor and host the “THE BIGGEST CATCH, the 3RD MOST BODRUM TOURNAMENT” on 9-12 August in Bodrum, Yalıkavak. The tournament is organized under the rules and in frames of the USA- based International Game Fish Association (IGFA), which is celebrating 78th anniversary this year.

Sport fishing is the most passionate, environment friendly, exciting and trendiest trend of the seas is becoming a unique experience with the MOST Bodrum Tournament, with support of the Yalıkavak Marina® this week.

50 sport fishing boats and 450 competitors will participate in the MOST Bodrum Tournament, supported by the main sponsor Yalıkavak Marina® and other companies including Volvo, Ortaklar Otomotiv, Arvento, Gözen Air Services, Freebird, Damat, Promar, Seafari, Jigging Turkey, Kılıç and Namet.

During the tournament, that will last 4 days, qualified boats will fish for swordfish and tuna fish as well as other fish species, which will bring them scores depending on the length and weight of the fish they catch. Also, the ability to leave the caught fish back in the sea in good condition will bring fishermen even more scores. Having combined all these specific terms and features, the MOST Bodrum Tournament, organized under the “Offshore Big Game” category , is undoubtedly becoming one of the most popular contests excitedly followed by all Turkish sport fishing fans and international guests.

Amongst such fans are Mekin Gözen (Gözen Havacılık, Chairman of the Board of Directors), Turgut Konukoğlu (Sanko Holding), Necmettin Yay (Seafari Balıkçılık, CEO), Adv. Erim Bener (Bener Law Firm), Sinan Kosif (Kosifler Group), Adv. Can Özer (Özer Law Firm), Dr. Serdar Günseren (IGFA Turkey) and Architect Sinan Kuran (KRN Architecture) that make the disniguished Board of Directors of the MOST Tournament, which brings together navigation and fishing experts and professionals of the business world.

MOST Bodrum tournament, with the “Turkey Tournaments Record” of the 116 kg Tuna Fish caught in 2017, guarantees ultimately exciting festive atmosphere in 2018, at the Yalıkavak Marina®!