Yalıkavak Marina® is the first “UNICEF Platinum Wings” owner of Turkish Marine Industry

As of December 2017, Yalıkavak Marina® is the proud partner of the “UNICEF Platinum Wings” international project that enables us to keep contributing to the UNICEF Turkish National Committee’s work for the most vulnerable children in Turkey and around the world to grow, develop, reach to health and education services and to have the equal opportunities with their peers and owns “UNICEF Platinum Wings”. As a continous supporter of UNICEF for 3 years Yalıkavak Marina® joins this very important initiative and we encourage all our business partners to follow us and join us in this highly important task.

Around the world, 17.000 children still die every day from largely preventable causes, 58 million children remain out of school; in Turkey, there are approximately 400.000 children working at seasonal agriculture and can not go to school, in 2016, 28.2% of women between the age of 15 and above were married before the age of 18, in 2015, over 31,300 girls between 16 and 17 got married.

Yalıkavak Marina®, with its Platinum Wings, is a valuable regular supporter of UNICEF Turkish National Committee and contributes to delivering the basic needs of the most vulnerable children and sustainable changes in children’s lives.