Yalıkavak Marina hosts the first mega yachts of the season!

Mega yachts started arriving at Yalıkavak Marina, the world’s number one superyacht marina, as soon as the sea border gates were opened.

Türkiye’s pride and the World’s Best Superyacht Marina of 2018-2019, Yalıkavak Marina started to attract intense interest and to receive reservation requests especially from foreign mega yachts with the opening of international sea border gates.

As soon as the sea border gates opened, giant yachts started to reserve their spot in no time. One of the first yachts to anchor in Yalıkavak Marina was the 60-meter-long Kaiser. The first mega yacht of the season, the magnificent Kaiser, has a magnificent splendor. A serious mobility has also started along with the boat traffic in Yalıkavak Marina. Following Kaiser, the 50 meter long White and the 40 meter long Ares approached Yalıkavak Marina.

Yalıkavak Marina Director Deniz Akaltan said, “As the first and only Turkish marina to win the title of “World’s Best Super Yacht Marina” in the contest organized by The British Yacht Harbor Association (TYHA), we continue our work with all our functions. In order to offer our guests a privileged experience, we took all of our COVID-19 measures and started the season strongly. Our lacing and pulling operations continue completely, and everything goes well in our services.

With the opening of the international sea border gates, a mega yacht is anchoring at Yalıkavak Marina almost every day. There’s a great interest from Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries; especially from England and Russia. We can say that yacht tourism in our country will be on the rise and a fast traffic has already begun. Incoming reservation requests also show that this season will be positive in terms of sea tourism.”

Yalıkavak Marina, with a capacity of 620 yachts, offers a dynamic lifestyle and unique privileges to both yacht owners and visitors. Yalıkavak Marina, which hosts more than 100 leading brands in the world, blends sea passion with luxury resort understanding with its gourmet restaurants, boutique hotels and Blue Flag beaches in the European Union (“EU”) norms, offering a unique marina experience.

In addition to its eye-catching beauty and attractive location, Yalıkavak Marina also continues to impress with its well-trained and experienced employees who manage marina operations flawlessly, and an effective security team that ensures the safety of the marina all year round. Yalıkavak Marina also offers 1000 amp – 380 volt coastal electricity, 24/7 mooring service, diving service, 24/7 active safety electronically controlled entrances, high speed WiFi connection at each mooring point, fuel station, duty free fuel and heliport facilities as well as customs. It also functions as a gate. Yalıkavak Marina has also home to the region’s largest luxury shopping mall with award-winning Beach and Boutique hotels, including world-renowned brands and exclusive living spaces.