Türkiye’s Pride Yalikavak Marina is preparing to make an impact in the 2021 season with special privileges for guests

The World’s Best International Marina, Yalıkavak Marina, is ready for the season with brand new breakthroughs and campaigns!

Yalıkavak Marina, voted the 2018-2019 World’s Best Superyacht Marina & 2020 International Marina of the Year and also a holder of the British Yacht Harbor Association’s (TYHA) 5 Gold Anchors rating, continues its investments to maximize service quality and create a luxurious lifestyle atmosphere in all marina operations.

Marina Director Deniz Akaltan started his speech by conveying their immense happiness as Yalıkavak Marina, for being chosen as “The Best International Marina in the World” by boat owners and sea enthusiasts and for making our country proud again. Akaltan stated: “The Best Super Yacht Marina of the Year” award that we won in 2018-2019 and “The Best International Marina” award that we won this year are both firsts for our country. As Türkiye’s first high-capacity mega-yacht marina that repeatedly brings these prestigious awards to our country, we would like to offer our thanks to all our friends who contributed to this great success and the esteemed members of the press for your continuous support.

Akaltan gave information about their new campaigns by emphasizing that Yalıkavak Marina, which brings world-famous brands to Bodrum and continues to invest in iconic projects, will offer brand new privileges to its guests and boat enthusiasts.

Yalıkavak Marina welcomes the 2021 season with spectacular offers again!

Yalıkavak Marina provides world-class service and maintenance for the boat owners while enabling their loved ones and crews to discover the wonderful world of Yalıkavak Marina.

Special and varied options for all boat enthusiasts at Yalıkavak Marina

  • Win&Win Campaign
  • Pontoon Campaign
  • Loyalty Campaign
  • New Owner Campaign
  • Welcome Back Campaign
  • Point Plan Campaign

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2020 was a busy season with high boat traffic!

Stating that Yalıkavak Marina has won the appreciation of its customers and guests by making a superior effort in the fight against Covid-19, Akaltan said; “In 2020, regardless of the pandemic effect, there was a significant increase in the number of long-term contracts. We continued our operations by strictly following all health and safety precautions and left the season behind without encountering the slightest negativity. Thanks to some important projects we have carried out, we have raised the already high luxury tourism profile of Bodrum, and we have created new business opportunities by increasing the visits of high-spending travelers. We opened the first Novikov Bodrum restaurant as well as the first Dior pop-up store in Türkiye. We went even further and worked on a very special Bodrum collection with Dior.”

We expect to reach close to 100% occupancy in 2021!

Stating that they will continue to work harder in 2021 to expand the luxury possibilities of Yalıkavak Marina in the ultra-luxury retail, jewelry/watch, and food & beverage sector, Akaltan said, “For this purpose, we have built a highly professional work team and we are working really hard. We aim to increase the number of high-income foreign tourists visiting our marina and therefore, to increase the foreign currency inflow to our country. We are currently in close contact with elite brands in the upper segment of the world market. When we complete our agreements, we aim to actualize investments that are extremely beneficial for both our region and our country by providing foreign exchange inflows. As Yalikavak Marina, our goal is to make Türkiye the world’s best and most professional luxury resort destination. More than 1000 boats visited our marina in 2020, and more than 100 of them were superyachts, including the iconic M/Y Madame Gu, M/Y Voice, M/Y Arrow, M/Y Vertige. Since the tourists coming to our country with superyachts are the group that leaves the most foreign currency per person, the incoming number is of great importance. The number of visitors we expect to host in our marina this year is 2 million and we expect to reach nearly 100% occupancy. As Yalıkavak Marina, we are reinforcing our position of being the center of attraction of the region with our new investments and prestigious stores/brands.

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