Yalıkavak Marina is a shopping heaven. Discover designer boutiques, luxury luggage, fine jewellery, music and electrical stores. The Yalıkavak Marina Mall has 102 stores to explore. Enjoy every minute of your shopping experience.
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Eat & Drink

Nusr-Et Steakhouse
Nusr-Et Steakhouse with its glorious sea views, is perfect for casual cocktails at the bar and dining al fresco. A meat-eater’s delight. To book call: 0252 385 26 81
Inspired by the informal style of Izakaya dining, Zuma will showcase its modern Japanese cuisine that is famously authentic but not traditional. Dishes – designed to be shared – are created in three different cooking styles: the main and sushi kitchen and the robata grill offering a variety of textures and tastes. To book call: 0252 385 47 06
Sait is trending in Bodrum. A seafood favourite of locals and tourists, and a choice of celebrities and the élite. To book call: 0252 385 23 99
Günaydın has 52 branches in Istanbul, Ankara and Baku. Famous for its Meatball-Doner, Butcher-Steak House, Kebab-Restaurant and Günaydın Burger. To book call: 0252 385 24 70
Cookshop’s Magnolia pudding has taken its place among the 101 Tastes of Istanbul awards. Unsurprisingly, this eatery is becoming increasingly popular. To book call: 0252 316 57 86
Merging distinct flavours from world cuisine, Kitchenette takes pride in its selection of hand-made breads freshly baked in its stone-oven. To book call: 0252 385 24 15
The combination of fresh Bodrum herbs and Argentine cuisine are just some of the ingredients of a sensuous dinner. Spectacular views. To book call: 0252 385 49 81
Since 1995, serving a fine around-the-clock dining experience, created by Italian chef Carmine Antonio Lombardi and his dedicated team. To book call: 0252 385 44 92


Bodrum is one of Turkey’s most popular summer holiday spots with great food, clear blue waters, and an unbeatable Mediterranean atmosphere. Once the sun goes down, there are still plenty of great places to explore for the perfect summer evening. Yalıkavak Marina is home to the most exclusive nightlife in Turkey.


Yalıkavak Marina Piazza was inspired by the idea to create a modern designed square within the marina. The focus is on people, brands and events, building a strong arts and culture community. Combined with a full events calendar, the piazza inspires something different for everyone; a meeting point among friends, a place to eat, a place to have fun, a place of memories, a place of entertainment and a place to spend the day to relax.
  • Café & restaurants
  • Dance, music shows
  • Exhibitions, arts and culture
  • A communal area
  • A water fountain

Museum & Arts

Yalıkavak Marina is an arts and culture centre with an on-site museum, art gallery and scheduled exhibitions of national and international artists throughout the summer. Please check our calendar for a full events schedule.


Yalıkavak Marina now also hosts a number of morning clubs from walking, running and aqua aerobics.


However you wish to spend your time in Yalıkavak Marina – whether in the Shopping Centre, the Concert Square, the art galleries, kite surfing or, indeed, enjoying your favourite cocktail by the 700 sq. m pool, while taking in the breath-taking view of the Yalikavak Peninsula – you’re sure to feel that you are indeed where you belong.

For more detailed information please contact our front office team or check our calendar for a full events schedule.