August 23, 2019


Yalıkavak Marina is the main sponsor of the MOST Bodrum Tournament between 22 and 25 August! The breathtaking event turns the MOST passionate, environment-friendly, exciting and interesting trend of the seas into an unforgettable experience! 22 August, 2019 – Bodrum – The World’s Best Super Yach Marina Yalıkavak Marina is the main sponsor and host of the “THE BIGGEST CATCH, the 3RD MOST BODRUM TOURNAMENT” on 22-25 August in Bodrum, Yalıkavak. The tournament is organized under the rules and in frames of the USA- based International Game Fish Association (IGFA), which is celebrating 78th anniversary this year. Sport fishing is the most passionate, ...

August 9, 2019

Yalıkavak Marina is the place to be for a spectacular Eid Mubarek celebration!

İskender Paydaş, Emir Ersoy, Kaan Öztürk & Onur Mete at Yalıkavak Marina during the Eid holidays with free performances on 11, 12 and 13 August at PIAZZA! August, Bodrum – Eid Mubarak holiday is one of the most important and joyful times for families and friends. Yalıkavak Marina joins this celebrations by organizing free of charge concerts to make the Eid unforgettable for all guests with spectacular events to brighten up the beautiful Yalıkavak nights through these festive times. Sunday, August 11 is the first day of Eid Mubarek! The PIAZZA will reverberate with the groovy rhythms of the Latin music by ...

August 8, 2019

Special Eid Holidays chef’s menu at the Y-Lounge&Restaurant at Yalıkavak Marina only on 10–14 August!

An unforgettable Eid Mubarak celebration awaits you at the new culinary hot spot of Bodrum with an exquisite menu from their talented chef! 8 August, Bodrum – Y-Lounge&Restaurant is ready for the Eid Mubarak at the heart of Yalıkavak Marina with its gourmet menu and 5-star service! For the upcoming Eid Mubarak, a delicious gourmet menu has been prepared for the guests to enjoy a traditional selection of Turkish delicacies while basking in the breathtaking view of Yalıkavak Bay at this delightful new venue starring only at 120 TL. Y-Lounge&Restaurant invites the guests to indulge traditional Turkish cuisine with a menu of ...

July 26, 2019

Special Offers Available for TAV Passport Holders at the Yalıkavak Marina!

Yalıkavak Marina, voted by the British Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) as the World’s Best Super Yacht Marina 2018-2019, and holder of the group’s 5 Golden Anchor Award, is Turkey’s first super yacht marina. Yalıkavak Marina, which can accommodate 620 yachts simultaneously and offers a dynamic lifestyle and unique privileges to both yacht owners and visitors, serves super yachts up to 140 meters in length with its comfortable facilities and experienced technical service. The Yalıkavak Marina hosts over 100 designer stores, gourmet restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, various entertainment venues, and sports events for kids, and the Y-Kidz facilities. Yalıkavak Marina welcomes visitors ...