The world-famous Bagatelle Restaurant and Beach Club, with its unique entertaining experience, welcomes its guests in Yalıkavak Marina, the best super yacht marina in the world. It combines the Joie de vivre of France with the bohemian spirit of Bodrum to create an unrivaled French festive experience in Turkey. A New York-born French hospitality brand of sophisticated luxury restaurants and beach clubs, Bagatelle builds its core values up from celebrating the festive spirit, a lavish cuisine and the friendly atmosphere of Southern France.

While Bagatelle Restaurants and Beach Clubs are known for their chicest destinations, the location Yalıkavak Marina is preparing for a unique summer with dazzling flavors and endless entertainment. With a cheerful atmosphere, it offers an extraordinary experience where you can collect authentic and unforgettable moments.

Bagatelle, the iconic festive restaurant, which spreads from New York to the world, creates a pleasant atmosphere for brunch, lunch and dinner. It invites its guests to a shared dining feast with their friends and families. Bagatelle is devoted to an epicurean philosophy in pursuit of life’s pleasures. It opens its doors to anyone who wants to taste this lifestyle and several unique experiences.